Secure access to your corporate network

Many companies experience cyberattacks. These cyberattacks tend to cost a lot of money.

Unfortunately, remote workers will continue to be a target for cybercriminals. Hackers welcomed this shift to hybrid working and took advantage of the vulnerabilities and gaps in security.

With Network Isolation you can securely access corporate resources from anywhere.

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What is ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access)?

what is ztna jimber

Our solution is founded on the principle of zero trust just like zero trust network access ztna. Say what? 

What does ZTNA mean? It means you trust nothing and verify everything! 

Zero trust network access ztna is also known as the zero trust security model, zero trust architecture, zero trust policy, zero trust framework or zero trust network architecture. Our solution can also be compared to secure access service edge. This is a network architecture that combines VPN and sd wan capabilities with cloud-native security functions, firewalls and zero trust network access ztna. All these terms describe a way of designing and implementing IT systems to make them impenetrable.

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How does the ZTNA principle work?

The main principle of zero trust as a service is to never trust devices by default. The zero trust model also leans on three other official zero trust principles defined by NIST.

✔ Continuous verification all the time, for all your resources.

✔ Limiting the impact of an external or internal breach.

✔ Automate behavioral data and context collection for the most accurate response.

The zero trust model consists of strong identity verification, device compliance validation, micro-segmentation, monitoring and ensuring least privilege access for hard-to-protect resources. This zero trust framework is a solution that provides secure remote network access control for applications, data, and services based on clearly defined perimeters.

Jimber secures your happiness with our network security solution

How does it work?

All connections are secure and transparent, so the users can access corporate resources from anywhere.

  • Network Isolation provides better security and micro-segmentation. 

  • It constantly authenticates every user and device. 

  • You can give privileges only to those who need to access your hard-to-protect resources such as applications, data, and devices instead of full access to the network.

  • You no longer need to rely on expensive hardware thanks to these segments. 

This makes it perfect for remote and hybrid workers. It also makes VPN’s (Virtual Private Network) or other kinds of secure remote access unnecessary.

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Using the most secure zero trust network security solution?

We’ve got you covered.

Perfect for hybrid work and back-to-office users

 Access corporate resources from anywhere.

Protection against all kinds of threats

Regularly check the health of devices and reduce the attack surface.

elevated user experience jimber

Network Isolation elevates the user experience

Automatic, secure connections for both internal and external applications.

Network Isolation makes deployment and management easier

Easily segment your own network and create access permissions.

Network Isolation checks all your boxes

✔ Our solution protects against all kinds of threats. First, it regularly checks the health of the devices that connect to applications. The micro-segmentation reduces the places threats can move to and attack. Second, you can protect yourself against insider threats because you can easily find which employees have which privileges. Third, our solution prevents application discovery on the public internet. This allows users to access applications while protecting organizations from data exposure, malware, and other attacks.  

✔ Our solution elevates the user experience by automatically establishing secure, seamless and fast connections. This provides a consistent experience to remote users accessing both internal and external applications. 

✔ Our solution makes deployment and management easier. It is much more lean and mean to deploy. Our solution is also agile in changing environments (users coming and going). Instead of having to perform complex network segmentation, organizations can easily segment their network themselves.

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Nerdy section

Want to see the fine details?

jimber network isolation portal ztna

The Network Isolation Portal and the Network Isolation Controller

One of the components of our solution is the Network Isolation Portal. You can see all application activity and create a software defined parameter with this portal. This makes day-to-day administration easier. 

Another component of this solution is our Network Isolation Controller. All client/service devices are connected to this controller. This denies all traffic by default but with just a few clicks, you can easily create a set of rules for devices, users or groups. 

Jimber Network Isolation secures multi cloud access and remote access to internal and external applications

Most organizations start their zero trust journey by securing hybrid and multi cloud access. Our solution monitors each connected device to secure the application access and prevent data exfiltration. It enables access to private applications from any location and device. Access to applications is denied by default so it has to be explicitly allowed by a software defined parameter.

jimber network isolation controller multi cloud remote access

Jimber Network Isolation limits user access and reduces third-party risk

Most traditional security solutions permit third-party users to get full network access. This exposes sensitive corporate resources to compromised accounts, unmanaged devices and insider threats. This means hackers could move freely and undetected through internal systems. 

Our solution reduces third-party risks because only authorized users can access allowed internal resources.

Jimber Network Isolation is a new way to replace VPNs

With increased scalability demands from remote users and advanced cybersecurity threats in the cloud, VPNs simply can’t keep up. Many organizations turn to more modern solutions like Network Isolation to boost user productivity and network security in remote work environments. 

Our solution is primarily a cloud-native solution, which gives it a great end-user experience. This also makes it usable in all locations and automatically scalable based on the number of users. 

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