Cyber security solutions

Your F5 button when it comes to data security

Sometimes working ‘in the cloud’ is just not safe enough. Especially big financial companies are a bit sceptical when it comes to cloud infrastructure. Of course you would want the best security solution to protect your financial data. Cyber security is a must have for every company, all over the world. With cyber security you can eliminate all threats to your precious data.

Your company deserves more than ‘the second best’.

Control – Alt – Delete (Command – Option – Escape) cyber attacks & Enter into a digital world with intelligent cyber security technologies.

Our innovative technology separates binary data from the internet for end users, through different cyber security solutions.

Jimber digital vault

Digital vault

  • 0% risk for stolen documents and passwords
  • 100% risk for increased efficiency and hassle-free user experience
Enter the world of secure file and password sharing
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Jimber digital vault
what is browser isolation jimber
what is browser isolation jimber

Browser Isolation

  • Goodbye ransomeware and viruses.
  • Welcome smooth, fast and affordable browsing.
Enter the world of secure browsing
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Web Application Isolation

  • Secure office environments in the blink of an eye
  • Yes we can!
Enter the world of protected corporate applications
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