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Secure files and password sharing

We all know the cliché: “passwords are like underwear.

You change them regularly, you don’t leave them in the middle of your room or even worse, on a sticky note on your screen and you never lend them to someone else. Blah blah blah. Okay, most of the time we are a bit careless when it comes to keeping passwords. Of course, we change them frequently, but we only change the last number.

Therefore, we believe we created a safe password. Sometimes we even save them in unencrypted files and folders, which is even worse.

User downloading files

We know that passwords are like toothbrushes which we do not pass along. However, sometimes we just need to share passwords or secret documents within our company and with customers we trust.

Remember the time when you saved your files and folders on a usb stick or hard disk and shared them with other people? Thinking it’s all good? Times have changed.

Nowadays this is a no go and we have to be more clever in inventing smarter ways of secure file sharing and secure password sharing. Because there is always a risk involved for your sensitive information.

Before virtual data rooms like the digital vault, virtual data rooms used to be physical data rooms. Physical data rooms were usually kept secure by constant surveillance. Virtual data rooms make it less time-consuming to search for data, they improve efficiency, they provide customizable permission settings, they make tracking easy, they help keep communication confidential and they are more cost-efficient.

So say goodbye to your physical data rooms with the Jimber Digital Vault!

That’s why we choose to offer the Digital Vault as one of our cyber security services, but what does it actually mean, digital vault?

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What is the digital vault?

Literally, a Digital Vault means a ‘digital locker or safe’. In this case, it’s an online tool to securely manage passwords and documents. We would describe it as a secure online file-sharing service.

It offers different possibilities to share passwords or files in a safe way.

In fact, you don’t really share your real password, but you give access to an application in which you can share your password. Therefore, you can edit your document in a secure way. We often call it a ‘secure data room’ or ‘encrypted vault’.

Using encrypted file sharing and password vault:

  • You can easily and safely distribute documents to multiple devices and locations.
  • You prevent viruses from entering your system.
  • Hackers are unable to identify your IP or company.
  • You get an online tool to securely manage passwords and documents.
  • You switch from passwords to passwordless authentication and passwordless logins.
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Jimber digital vault

How does the secure data room work?

Secure file or password sharing by Jimber involves 3 components:

  • An application to log in:

With our application, you can easily and securely log in to the digital vault. Using this app only the owner of the phone is able to access and edit the documents. Enter your name and follow simple instructions in order to log in!

Our application uses a private key which makes encryption possible. Encryption makes sure others can’t access or edit your files without a private key. If your data would get leaked on the internet, your data would still be safe, encrypted, and unreadable to unauthorized people.

Even if a hacker would gain physical access to the server the files are hosted on, they still would not be able to decrypt the files. So your sensitive information is always protected.

  • Application isolation:

Using app isolation, you can only see a graphical visualization and never the complete text or secret document. For the user, it seems like they are just looking at the document and editing it. Users never actually notice the application isolation.

With this isolation technology, files and folders open directly from the server and thus never physically reach the end user’s computer. The application isolation protects your isolated environment, so hackers can’t hack into your vault and access your files. Even if your computer is compromised, hackers still can’t reach the files in your vault.

An Isolation layer is placed between the code and the user’s computer. The APIs, the HTML, and the Javascript code are protected by the Digital Vault.

  • Container technology:

A separate environment is set up for every user. Every user has their own temporary container.

Your container makes sure your data is protected from other users. Even when they gain access to the system that is hosting their own vault, they can’t reach the files in your vault. Because the files only get decrypted within your own container, there is no chance of leaked data.

Why is this virtual data room so important?

Hackers are getting smarter every day and it becomes more and more difficult to protect business systems from viruses and malware.

Of course, we do know that sharing unnecessary documents and passwords is not done, but sometimes we do have to securely share sensitive information with co-workers or customers, especially when we have to respect deadlines.

Digital vault is a smart way for password management and password protection.

Due to an extra layer between the internet and the end-user it becomes perfectly possible to share passwords in a secure way. A virtual data room is an ingenious file transfer technology, hence even large files can be transferred using drag and drop.

Jump into a Jimber future without passwords…

Imagine how cool this would be: getting access to files and folders without passwords?

Well, according to Jimber this is the future. Since 2010 we have been struggling with finding and editing passwords, as well as sharing files (in real-time) via WeTransfer or storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Let’s jump into this passwordless Jimber adventure together!

Using the world’s most secure digital vault?

We’ve got you covered.

Complete traceability

Easy access control

No more passwords

Efficient and time-saving

Guaranteed security

No passwords exposed

Share documents securely

Documents always on server

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Nerdy section

Want to see the fine details?

Container between vault and user

Isolation technology

Documents open directly from the server and never physically reach the end user’s computer.
This makes the APIs inaccessible to hackers.


All data is encrypted so documents are only visible to users and unreadable to others.

Vault login

Passwordless login

This digital safe uses passwordless authentication for its login application. You enter your name, follow simple instructions on your smartphone, and log in.

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