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You may not believe this, but once there was a time when security was not that important in the world of IT, websites and apps. Apps used to be created without taking web application security into account. People didn’t even get what web application isolation was.

However, nowadays we can’t even imagine a business without secure IT. Of course, you don’t want to take the risk of having a security breach while opening your web apps or web content to the outside world. A security breach can be caused by vulnerabilities in your system or your APIs. The open web application security project (OWASP) played a big part in the progress of web app isolation. They document web app vulnerabilities in a top 10. This includes vulnerabilities like logging and monitoring failures, sensitive data exposure, xme external entities xxe, broken access control and components with known vulnerabilities.

More than ever it’s truly important that only the right people (thinking about co-workers and customers) have access to your sensitive data. Anywhere and anytime. Whether they are having a cocktail drink in the Bahamas using your apps or checking your data while hiking with a backpack in the Monteverde jungle of Costa Rica, looking for sloths. Whether it’s 4 a.m. or 11 p.m.

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What is web application security?

In fact, web application security is based on the same principle as (remote) browser isolation (also called secure web browsing or web isolation). This means you never really send the real document including all details, but merely a vector or an image. This way, the source code is never exposed. Web app security is based on a system in which we create a certain ‘container’ between apps and the computer of the end-user. This way APIs are protected and application vulnerabilities are history.

web application security jimber browser isolation
web application isolation Jimber

Often APIs are being abused. However, with our clever technology, fraudulent practices belong to the past. In other words, Jimber web application isolation takes your application’s security to the highest level.

With API security the sky is the limit. Bet you’ll be surprised!

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Jimber Web Application isolation takes your application’s security to the highest level.

How does it work?

The real (and secret) data is stored in – what we dare to call – a container, while the end-user only receives a graphical visualization of your data. Whenever a hacker is eager to crash your system, he will only be able to interact with the Jimber layer, while the APIs of the application remain safe. This way all danger will be gone. You’ll exclude all black hat practices, leaving a frustrated hacker behind.

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Why is web app security important?

It offers quite some advantages:

  • Your applications remain safe.

  • Even the 10 most frequent web security threats are having a hard time bullying you.

  • You will benefit from a very user-friendly system.

  • You’ll get full access control.

  • High compatibility with all your existing applications.

  • And guess what? This ingenious solution is extremely affordable.

To cut the story short, you’re once again a step ahead in protecting your company from cyber attacks.

How does Jimber web application security work?

We already lifted a tip of the veil, but you probably can’t wait to hear all the details about software security or application security testing. So why not ask for a demo? Or schedule a meeting in which you can discuss all your expectations and wishes. This way, we can prove that we can read your mind.

Fully protected corporate applications?

Happiness is within reach.

Guaranteed security

Meeting the highest demands

Great usability

Sound user experience

High compatibility

Supporting all your existing applications

Extremely affordable

Securing happiness is priceless.

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