Secure browsing

A clever way to outsmart cybercriminals

Nowadays, cybercrime is big business. Unfortunately, cybercrime grows in popularity everyday. Cyber incidents are happening all over the world on a daily basis.

You probably already received an email that claims a package is waiting for you. The sender of the email only needs your address, telephone number and … your account number.

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Guess you will be waiting for your package forever … or even for your money. Hackers will lead you right into their trap. 

Undoubtedly you already received an email with the urgent question to log in to your bank account, cloud services or webmail. This is called phishing. When browsing facebook, you’ll likely have encountered a friend who got hacked and is now posting some real bull****.

How can we deal with this problem? Or, in other words: how can we use search engines in a safe way? Because we all use our browsers daily. 

Safe browsing or Browser Isolation is the answer. Say what?

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What is a secure browser?

Browser Isolation is a way of safe browsing. We have found a way in which people within a company are able to surf the web in a secure way on desktop and mobile, in a safe browser. Because even when you use private browsers or a tor browser you are still not saved from cyberattacks.

As a matter of fact, companies and organizations have different technologies which we have to take into account. Especially open source software and browser extensions pose a challenge for cybersecurity.

That’s why we work with so-called remote Browser Isolation or Web Isolation.

Jimber makes cyber-attack protection accessible and affordable with Browser Isolation.

How does it work?

Of course, we don’t want to reveal all our secrets regarding our cyber security solutions, but using Browser Isolation the user surfs in an isolated environment that is set up on purpose. 

We often call this a ‘container’: an extra layer that is built between the internet and the computers within your company (the end-users). Hence the term Web Isolation. The container contains all web traffic so it’s not exposed to cyberattacks.

At the end of the browsing session, everything is removed. A virus or cyberattack is contained in the isolated Jimber container and is removed as soon as the session is closed. This way, the internet session no longer poses a threat to your organization. Just like private browsers that create a temporary session away from the main session, browser isolation also prevents browsing history from being saved on the desktop or mobile device. 

No web content ever reaches the user’s computer. Thus malware is never able to enter your system.

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What is the story behind secure browsing?

It’s hard to believe but there was a time in which browsers didn’t even exist. Today we use our browsers nearly every minute, whether we choose Safari, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome browser or other browsers (we prefer not to mention Internet Explorer anymore, as we are an innovative company 🙃). Using browsers we can work more efficiently.

However, without cyber security, web browsers are a target for all kinds of malware that infiltrate millions of businesses.

That’s why a lot of companies count on web proxies, https everywhere and secure web gateways to protect their businesses against malpractices. Hence they rely on a huge range of security solutions for web-based malware protection, they use an algorithm to detect bad content or block users from surfing on websites that might be dangerous.

Those solutions are useful. However, cybercriminals are smartasses too and sometimes new viruses, spyware or malware threats slip through the cracks. As a result, companies and organizations are struggling to outsmart those harmful practices. Ad-blockers are technically also a form of isolated browsing. Now, remote Browser Isolation blocks ads as part of a total solution.

As an IT company we had to invent smarter cyber security technologies and that’s how browser isolation came to life.

With web browser isolation (also called Web Isolation) we shifted our focus: instead of preventing users from surfing on insecure websites, we offer them isolated browsers in which they can get access to any kind of website in a safe and secure way. In other words, we believe in a zero trust security approach, as – according to us – secure URLs have become history. With browser isolation source code can’t be accessed or changed by unauthorized people, because users see a video instead of the actual code.

Why is secure browsing important?

Browser Isolation or an encrypted browser offer a lot of advantages:

  • You’re completely isolated from the internet, while you’re still able to surf.
  • All websites and web pages remain accessible.
  • You’re protected against damage that your firewall was not able to detect.
  • As a user you don’t notice anything. It is a completely transparent and user-friendly system.
  • You’re confident about all your financial data and other important information.
  • You work anywhere you want, on an island in the Maldives or on your toilet if you like.
  • Browser isolation protects both small and big companies.
  • You outsmart all cybercriminals which makes you a hero. End of story.

And last but no least … you probably ask yourself the following question:

How does Jimber Browser Isolation work?

Well, a bunch of sympathetic nerds are prepared to list some of our benefits:

  • We make cyber attack protection accessible.

  • You’ll choose an affordable way of protecting your company.

  • Our Web Isolation is pretty unique and very smart.

  • Surf’s up! No trade-offs: web browsing was never so secure.

  • We’re a game changer when it comes to secure IT.

Would you like to collaborate with our creative, technical geeks?

Of course!

Browser Isolation in your company?

Surf’s up! No trade-offs: browsing was never as secure.

No website blocking

All websites remain accessible.

Great usability

As a user you don’t notice anything. It is completely transparent.

Fully remote accessible

Working anywhere you want.

Extremely affordable

Securing happiness is priceless.

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