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Cyber attack protection to secure your happiness

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The fact you’re visiting our website proves you want the best cyber attack protection, business continuity and ingenious cyber security solutions.

Undoubtedly you want to get rid of all kinds of ransomware, different types of phishing, limitations of firewalls and all sorts of cyber security threats.

Essentially, you’re looking for some kind of virtual umbrella which protects your company against all possible black hat practices using zero trust architecture.

You don’t have to search any longer, we have the solution for you. Jimber offers a variety of solutions against all digital attacks for your company.

IT cyber security provider.

Game changer in the world of IT security

Jimber is a full service IT cyber security provider. We want to revolutionise cyber security by eliminating the threat of ransomware and viruses. Additionally, we can guarantee a 0% risk for stolen documents and passwords. Finally, we will increase efficiency and create a hassle-free user experience.

You can rely on our creative security specialists for every possible IT project. Our bunch of sympathetic nerds came up with four ingenious, user-friendly solutions assuring 100% business continuity and digital happiness. These solutions include SaaS and on-premise.


Different types of solutions, SaaS & on-premise


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Threats on your computer.
What’s in the container, stays in the container.


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To secure your happiness and peace of mind in a digital world, we have invented four awesome solutions to help prevent a digital lockdown for your company. Today, more than ever, cyber attack prevention is a musthave

Secure network access

Jimber Network Isolation constantly authenticates every user and device. This way, users only have access to the specific resources they need, rather than full access to the network!

Securely access your corporate resources from anywhere.

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Secure browsing

No ransomware nor viruses: browsing has never been so secure.

Smooth, fast and affordable.

Surf’s up!

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Web application security

Jimber Web Application Isolation takes the security of your corporate apps to the next level. Happiness is within reach, just like your data.

Anytime and anywhere you want.

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Check it out!
Jimber digital vault

Digital Vault

0% risk for stolen documents and passwords.

100% risk for increased efficiency and hassle-free user experience.

We’ve got you covered!

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Check it out!
Jimber digital vault

You deserve peace of mind in a digital world.

Keep calm and benefit from:

  • The fact that you won’t even notice our ingenious technologies.
  • User-friendly solutions.
  • Our  products, in the cloud as well as on-premise.

  • Customized Digital Vaults.

  • Implementation of installations.
  • High-end solutions that are safer than the cloud. Maybe the sky isn’t the limit.
  • A strong team in which every member has a passion for cybersecurity.

Are you ready for some secure IT solutions?

More than ever!